Solid Rock and Boom - 2017
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Solid Rock and Boom - 2017

This year Solid Rock Apostolic Church is going to blow the doors off of our community.  We present to you Solid Rock and Boom - 2017.  SRAC does several outreaches a year.  We want our community to understand that we are not just a church, but a group of people that are heavily invested in people!  We have done rallies against drugs, We have done Vacation Bible School for children and several picnics to bring our community together. With the implementation of Solid Rock and Boom, we believe we have outdone ourselves. Solid Rock and Boom is our vision to reach every age group at once in our community. We will feature a car show, food trucks, craft show, petting zoo, bouncy houses, horse rides and finally ending the day with a huge fireworks display. It is our prayer, that this day, will show hundreds if not thousands that Solid Rock Apostolic Church is a Lighthouse to the lost, a Red Cross to the hurting and a Refuge for the soul. 

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